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Bright as spring

I have been looking for nude flat sandals for a while now. Not that we had the weather for them! So when sunshine hit England last week I was ready to buy my first pair of the season. Found them at New Look this year. They look comfortable and they are mine since his afternoon! I cant wait to wear them with my spring dresses…

Sandals: New Look, £17.99

new look sandalsI’ve also noticed that Gap has a huge sale at the moment and I couldn’t resist these bright pink khakis.

Gap: Broken-in straight khakis were: 34.95 on sale now: £19.99

gap bright pinkWhile in Gap I found this lovely bright sweater, think chilled evenings in a local pub next door.

Gap: Colorblock pop sweater was £19.99 on sale now for £14.99

gap sweaterHave you freshen or brighten up your wardrobe recently?

X Ines



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What to wear when strolling down the old town-Estepona

After a lovely light lunch at the beach in Estepona we took a stroll down to the old town.

We munched on churros dipped in chocolate in one of the small squares. Reminded me of Fritule  that I ate as a kid growing up in Croatia. Oh the good old days.

There were some lovely patios lurking at every corner and we found this lovely old Vespa in one.

ines-1What a cool bike. My Barbie had a similar one. 🙂

ines-2 ines-3 ines-4 ines-8 ines-9 ines-10 ines-11 ines-13 ines-15 ines-16


Jeans: G-star, Top: Primark, Cardi: New Look, Jumper: Zara, Pumps: Topshop, Bag: Random find in Columbia, Cartagena, Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Earrings:Asos

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Shopping…the joys of finding the blouse

I am not huge on blouses. Never was. They are to slinky for my body type and somehow I can’t seem to find anything in my wardrobe to match it with. So I made a quest to find a perfect one. One for this season, anyway. The one I can actually wear for business and pleasure.

Now… I am a huge fan of Zara & HM but having recently visited their shops and don’t get me wrong, I can always find something there, I was unable to find a perfect blouse that actually fits me. Weird? Or time to hit the pavement.

So I strolled up and down the shops and there it was, my perfect blouse, hiding in New Look store . Oh my, the pretties blouse in nude:-))) & with a cute pearl collar. I plan to wear it with jeans and some high heals for evenings and cute grey skirt with pumps for a day. Keep you posted on that. 🙂

Here it is:

And as I was there… I  couldn’t resits this boyfriend cardi


Sleep well, x Ines

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