Shopping…the joys of finding the blouse

I am not huge on blouses. Never was. They are to slinky for my body type and somehow I can’t seem to find anything in my wardrobe to match it with. So I made a quest to find a perfect one. One for this season, anyway. The one I can actually wear for business and pleasure.

Now… I am a huge fan of Zara & HM but having recently visited their shops and don’t get me wrong, I can always find something there, I was unable to find a perfect blouse that actually fits me. Weird? Or time to hit the pavement.

So I strolled up and down the shops and there it was, my perfect blouse, hiding in New Look store . Oh my, the pretties blouse in nude:-))) & with a cute pearl collar. I plan to wear it with jeans and some high heals for evenings and cute grey skirt with pumps for a day. Keep you posted on that. :-)

Here it is:

And as I was there… I  couldn’t resits this boyfriend cardi


Sleep well, x Ines

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