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Bold & Red – New prints From Vietnam

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that we recently visited Myanmar(Burma) and Cambodia and as much as I wanted to stay and motorbike with my gorgeous and adventurous husband trough Vietnam and Laos, I couldn’t. I had to came home, do some work and while waiting for the runaway husband to come back: spring cleaned the house. I know I’m amazing.  I was really excited when he finally came back home (after a month!) with some awesome new prints for my spare bedroom feature wall. They feature Vietnamese propaganda and they are awesome, especially mother and the child with the gun and slogan : For our future!

Jordan found them in this small art gallery in Hanoi but unfortunately they don’t have a website. I have however managed to find this online shop that sells them.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetI am so excited and cant wait to frame them, I’m thinking bold color frames would look so nice. I will keep you posted on the bedroom wall progress shortly.

X Ines


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New additions to our quirky country home

I have spent these last few months decorating our spare bedroom…things are moving slowly mostly cos of the lack of time. Busy season in SI headquarters🙂 I manage to sneak a moment here and there on the good old net and even a quick trip down to the Homebase this past weekend. This is our spare bedroom progress so far:

new buys

1. I bought these blackout gray blinds in hope to be installed this weekend. They were 50% off of the original price + the 15% off of this past weekend. I needed a 3 awkwardly sized pieces as my bay window is a weird one. Have to cut each one of them! Cost of all together was : A bargain for £43.20! Normally, they would cost over a £100 and more…I felt really happy about myself once I bought them.

2.I will post a picture of the new blinds fitted on my bay window shortly together with the new bedding from Fab. The bed set(duvet x 2 pillow cases) was: £28, on sale again from £34!

3. While in Homebase I couldn’t resits buying this new shower curtain. The old one was soooooo outdated and this new one fits perfectly with our old fashion, slash modern bathroom. Hombase again: £7.99 – 15% = £6.77

I also got a new bed for the spare bedroom too. My friend Al gave it to me. It was wasting time in her garage and its brand new. All I need now is a mattress. I found a few but still thinking… It’s one of those things, hmm do I spend loads of monies on a mattress that nobody will sleep on or not? On average I have people staying at ours …30 days out of 365.

bed painting

Anyway, it was in pine and I have spent last few weekends(yes, that’s correct) weekends painting it in dry/mat white! I was originally thinking of shabby chic but changed my mind and went with cold neutral tones for the hole spare bedroom. So grey, white and a bit of black it is/with a splash of colorful bedding + wall art!

prints sp bed

Lastly: These two amazing prints that hubby bought on his trip to Mexico, last year in November finally got framed. Again, that is another thing “to do” on my list. Put them on the wall. But I guess that is the last thing I will be doing…in this mess of the spare bedroom!

Hope you all had a great weekend and good start to a working week,

Lol, Ines

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Do you have your “shaking head” Corgi?

I’ve got mine to go along with my special edition Jubilee Queen. Normal standard figurines don’t have the crown or jewels. Special edition does and it came out just before the Jubilee.

My Queen was bought this summer in France. It was a random find in one of the street shops in Nice. Corgi was found last week in Brighton, in England At Home shop, in the old lanes.

By the way  both The Queen & Corgi are powered by solar light, so my Corgi shakes his head while the queen waves the royal salute, how cute are they?

They are designed by a very talented Chris Collicot English born but now Brooklyn,NY base artist. You should so go and check his other stuff!!!


Ta  x Ines

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