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Random Instagram Round uP

Mum & Me

I was 5 when my dad took this picture.I remember his new Nikon film camera.(and all the adjusting) It’s one of my favorite picture with my mum. I remember the moment it was taken. I remember the smell of the wild roses in the air and my Mum whispering in my ear softly. I remember everything. My mum made all my clothes then. Than jeans skirt was a height of fashion in 1985 🙂 I posted this pic on the 8th of March, on the International Women s day. Growing up in then communist society we didn’t celebrate or had Mothers day like we do today. It was still good, don’t get me wrong. 🙂 Love you mum!

Mum & me

My best friend draw this painting of me, on my office wall:-)… while waiting for me to finish  my meeting. I don’t get enough girls day’s out unfortunately!!! With my line of job and all the work on weekends it is hard to find some time off & just hang out. Luckily this was one of my free Saturday. We went out for some lovely lunch in our local Italian (Zizi’s) followed up by a Zombie room-com in cinema. Yeah boys and girls, that’s one romantic zombie movie. “he’s still dead but he’s getting warmer” is what got me into the cinema. Warm Bodies watch now.


My Cactus family. Papa cactus was given to me by my old boss back in 2009. In the meantime my family has grown to mama & papa  in 2010 and a little boy came out in 2011 followed by a little girl. I tough they should all have their own space so I’ve transplanted them in separate pots. In used old candle jars to house them all. Not bad for a girl who can’t water the plant.

This is fresh from the jar. I just came back from 4 days 3 night in Poland, Krakow. It was cold,/rainy and snowing but worth every second. I love European towns and their quirkiness.  We found this place while strolling down the Jewish quarter. It just started to snow and we needed to stop and have a deserved break after hours of walking. The decor is just brilliant. If I can have a bar/coffee shop one day it would look like this, old mixed with new with the cool gang to crouch in. Coffee is on us.

bar poland

If you follow me on Instagram (search for Source_girl if not) you might have seen this image. The words can not describe Auschwitz. I rest my case.



Happy round up, what are your plans for this weekend?

x Ines

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Happy 2013!!!

Spain-1 Spain2-1 Spain2-2 Spain2-3 Spain2-4 Spain2-5 Spain2-6 Spain2-7 Spain2-8 Spain-6 Spain-13 Spain-15 Spain-16 Spain-18 Spain-19 Spain-20 Spain-25 Spain-26

What we did last week:

We walked on the beach & collected sea shells & pretty stones

Made our own Christmas lunch

Hung out with Italians/Croatians

Took photos and …

then took even more photos

Went for a quick browse through Seville & Cordoba (more to come on this)

Had a bbq on the beach for  New Year

Stole internet from the nearby hotel complex


Sunbathed (a lot)


Packed our bags for Morocco trip

Have a great New Year

Xoxo Ines

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1. TRAVEL.-We love to travel, it has been our passion for years. It is travel that drives us through our busy summer months. Given that we are both photographers sometimes it’s really hard to balance both work and travel. Especially for hubby as he is always on the go to photograph this new happening and/or that new festival. Hence the winter is our time off. It is time when we re-charge our batteries. We don’t take any jobs on as we try to escape from the dull & grey Britain. As I write this we are on our way to Spain & Morocco…and our captain just announced 22 degrees Celsius.





2. CLOTHES- I’m a summer girl, born and raised on the beach and parading around in just bikinis represent no problems to me. However there is something charming about winter clothes. Maybe it’s because I grow up in really hot climate with average of 15c in winter. We really don’t have any winters in Dubrovnik! All of that however changed when we moved back to UK and I suddenly discover my new love for hats, scarfs and gloves.



3. WINTER COSY- well this is more a state of a mind than a thing. Getting into your warm slippers after a cold day out is just priceless? Isn’t it? How about burning a fire in your log burner? Catching up in your next door local with some mates (yes, we live next door to a pub) J over a warm cider? These are the things that matter to me and make me one happy bunny even if it’s -3 outside.



4. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR- Oh the joys of getting into yet another year and thinking, yes I survived! And how many New Year resolutions do I make this time? 10? 15? 100? Make them last until the end of January anyway…and don’t forget the presents, a lot of presents. Having a Christmas dinner with the folks while chatting with Nan over a glass of mulled wine? My favorite! Watching bad telly? Yep! Singing Christmas songs on the radio…eating…there is too much to add…


5. SALE-s – Yes. You read correctly. Its sales that get my weak heart scream with joy, especially the ones after Christmas. Most of my bargains are from those sales. I hope you hit them already  Unfortunately sales don’t mix well with travel so this year my love for travel wins.

Big Merry Christmas to all,

Xoxo Ines




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Chandeliers and pots

I have been spying on this chandelier from Graham and Green for more than a year now. If a chandelier can have a stalker than this beauty has. Me! Soon, very soon my love we will be together and you will hang proudly in my white & pink kitchen.

Photo credit

This shop is amazing. I was first introduced to Graham and Green by one of my lovely clients after a photo shoot in Primrose Hill, London. I felt in love instantly and bought a lovely flower aged ceramic vase. I don’t think they have her any more but I did found some similar flower pots on their menu.

Another purchase are these three vintage heart wire baskets. I keep them on my kitchen bay window and you can see more about them in this recent blog post. I use them as a storage for lemons, potatoes, onions and garlic… I like to have my fruit & veg displayed nicely.


P.S. I am also in love with this Jeeves & Wooster’s pendant lights.

Happy Tuesday folks, X Ines

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