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Haven’t heard about them before? You will. I love these girls and I am really honored to have them here on my blog today. I’ve known Selina for a long time now. We meet 10 years ago when I first came to England. We spent a great New Year eve together before me and Mr. J embarked on our traveling. She still remembers that night and how to say “happy new year!” in Croatian. (Sretna Nova Godina btw). Every year on the 31st of December I get a token call or a text and it doesn’t matter if I’m in India or Spain, she remembers! Love you my girl and wish you all the best in your music career.

Selina studied music production at South Thames Collage before continuing her studies at the University of Westminster. She has been and still is a lyricist and singer in other punk bands: Peng, Station Jim and Adriatics.

Jade studied at Truro College before joining the University of Westminster and has drummed for other bands in the past including Adriatics.


Photo by : Jordan Banks

Here is a small interview with  Litemportal’s. I would really appreciate if you can give them some loving 🙂

How did it all start?
It started as a University project. We had to form production teams and write and record our own stuff.

Who is part of your band?
Initially it was myself, Selina Saxby and Jade Richardson but we have collaborated with people outside of Uni too.

And the name where does it come from?
The name ‘Litemportal’ is based around the ‘temporal’ lobe of the brain being like a ‘portal’ to your creativity and your response to music. This gives you the ‘temporal’ bit. The ‘Li’ comes from Lithium, used to treat mental illnesses suffered by many creative people, but in this sense it can relate to any meaning of the word ‘lie’ e.g. to lie down and contemplate your creativity or to creatively bend the truth.

What inspires you when you make your music? Any influence?
We are influenced by punk music and folk music, everyday situations and girls with guitars. Generally being pissed off about something is our main inspiration.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
It’s a long way off but perhaps with a few albums released and a tour or two under our belts.


Where can we hear your songs, links please!

Reverb Nation

Sound cloud:


Who is the frontman/girl, explain what do you do…sing…play instruments if which?
I write the lyrics and guitar parts and work with a friend on bass lines and drums. Jade is also a drummer and a pianist.


Who if and when it happens you would like you to sign with?

I think in this day and age with this genre DIY would be my preferred method. You decide what you want to do and when, what you want to write and release and you maintain ownership of all your material. I don’t feel like signing to a label is right for Litemportal.

A bit about yourself: random first tough 
That’s not something I like to think about all that much.

How about fashion, stage sense, any inspirations?
I guess its a little punky. Generally just casual comfortable clothes jazzed up with a bit of color  I find if you put a crazy color in your hair you don’t really have to think about what you wear as people probably wouldn’t see too far past your barnet.

 Favorite band and why?
Though that is a very difficult question, I would say my favorite band is Millencolin, a Swedish punk band. I’ve been listening to them for like the last 15 years or something. They have songs for every different mood, I like the production style, also their accent and use of the English language in their lyrics is very endearing.


Tell us something that nobody knows about you
Now why would I do that? Anyway, there’s nothing about me that someone doesn’t already know.

If you get stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring? If allowed!
Hmmmm…….that’s one of those questions……..hmmm…….how about……..42!

Soooooooo where are you playing next?
We have live dates booked at the moment. We’re still working on new material but will let you know as soon as we get some dates booked. We’ll be updating Facebook, ReverbNation and Twitter so keep your eyes peeled.

 And a bit about yourselves, small bio if you like:
Litemportal are Selina Saxby and Jade Richardson, a folk punk duo from Northwest London. Originally formed as a University assignment in 2012 they are currently working on their debut EP entitled; ‘Excuse me while I…’. Demos are available to download free at https://soundcloud.com/litemportal

Litemportal’s influences include; First Aid Kit, Frank Turner, Feralus, NOFX, Green Day and The Doors, among others

Please like them  here!

X Ines

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