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Chalk mugs from Franschhoek

It has been almost exactly a year since we visited South Africa. What a beautiful country. If there is a place I can/could live or re locate tomorrow it would be South Africa( in wine region of course.) To be more specific in a beautiful town called Franschhoek. I have already shared a lovely buy from South Africa on this blog before and now I have another one. My write-on chalk mugs. I’m not a morning person and yes, I am a grumpy gruffalo when I’m trying to wake up. Hence the love for these mugs. They make me smile. I love leaving little notes to my husband and vice verse. It is a game we love to play. The joys of little things in life… It’s entertaining for our friends as well…leaving them notes. Dirty notes.

I did a bit of research where to get them from in England and I found them in a few places. Prezzybox has them and so does Daniel store. A great pressie for Christmas or what???

Happy mornings



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Things I Like In Our Country Cottage – small tour

Autumn is one on my favorite seasons of the year. It is not to cold but it is not boiling hot either. Like we ever get boiling hot in this country anyway! Now I’m talking about the weather…anyway it makes me want to spend more time indoors, re arranging our space back & forth.   Today I wanted to share a few bits & pieces I have accumulated in my home over the past few years. These are the things that make my hearth worm in these cold nights :

My shabby chic coffee table. We bought it a few months after we moved to our cottage and trust me guys, it wasn’t cheap but it was/is worth every penny. I am sure you have heard about Steven Shell designs? They make beautiful hand-made stuff, worth checking out if you need that “one”statement piece in your home. And do make sure to have your vintage crochet blanket together with some chocolate biscuits from McVitie’s  by your hand. Keeps you even warmer…

I wish I can say I have a favorite room in my house, but I don’t. I like them all equally. I love spending time in my kitchen and this is where I’m taking you next.

This is the space I really like. My kitchen bay window. It comes as original feature of the house and I use it to display my favorite bits and bobs of the moment. Also very handy for preparing foods and drinks as it’s huge and fits loads on. It even fits the washing machine and a dryer underneath.

Another thing I like is my vintage coca-cola crate. I actually collect vintage crates. As I am sure the rest of the world population does too. I bought this one last year on our trip to South Africa. I keep my cooking books in it, well cooking & drinking books. :-)

These old rusty keys were bought during my South African trip too and they found their place on the wall above my kitchens knifes

While my Scottish -Key Holder is nesting right next to my bay window with some hand pick and dried lavender from our garden.

Last thing  are my flying ducks. J. brought them home one day and put them up,  God only knows where he found them but overhaul they fitted nicely with the theme so I didn’t complain.

Hope you are enjoying your day,

xo Ines

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