Coasters, a never ending love story

I am not OTT, I’m really not. However it does pis**s me off when people don’t use coasters. I mean what is the point of having them displayed on your table if you don’t use them?! Fair play if you don’t have them. You probably don’t own that nice coffee table like I do or stress over what damage a can of beer can produce. OTT again? Nope!

I bought my set of coasters from Portobello market almost a year ago now. Portobello is great for retro-vintage finds and this is one of mine. My favorite coaster is a Wonder woman. Guess why? 🙂

You can tell we use them by how dirty they look on these pictures. OTT in your face! I know, I should have clean them before this shoot.

Now about that never ending love story…Boy goes for a drink in a bar….

There he meets a lovely lady and they chat, drink wine and beer & dance…

He asks her out for a romantic dinner and they fell in love over the candle lights…

They marry after a while  and live the never ending story….

These coasters were present from Santa Fe, USA. My parents in-law went there this spring. They did a route 66! How cool is that? They know about my obsession with Mexican art & skulls and this was one of many lovely presents they bought us. Thanks guys.

Yours truly romantic, Ines


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