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Paint it yourself – Cardboard letters

So after I painted my Mexican inspired candy skulls, (which proved to be quite a hit among my crowd)  I had Jordan’s mum asking me if I can do anything similar with the letters she recently purchased via Nononthehighstreet. She had her’s and his initials(J & A)and she wasn’t sure what to do with them except displaying them somewhere in the house for everybody to see.

You can really find these letters anywhere, these for example are from here:  and are a tad cheaper…

Working on them:

I used the same deluxe paint for wood that I bought  in Homebase a few months before to paint my tired & plain wood kitchen chair and later on my skulls.

And here they are like a finished product:

If you do have time and a bit of £££ you can make this as a really nice present for birthdays, newborns or just yourself,

X Ines

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Our Garden

We have been doing a lot of work on our garden recently. We completely re designed the area, got rid of the old overgrown hedge and made a new decking area. It is a still work in process and I don’t think you should half fast things.

So, it will probably take another few years for all my plants to grow to the size I want them to and no, not everything will get finish this summer. But this is what it looks like now.

I used Instagram to take these pictures and as you can see the right had corner is still looking very poor and bold.

So I planted some lovely perennials there that I got from Greenfingers.

These were on the offer.

I planted them last November and they are just coming out now. I will keep you posted on the progress.

X Ines

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Heart of jars


Guilty. I am in a bit of a craze about the glass recently. Particularly jars. I have been collecting vintage wine glasses for  years. And bottles.  But  my recent obsession is : jars. I was first introduced to glass jars when one of our brides decided to use them as decoration for her wedding. She collected quite a few, a year before her wedding and then placed some lovely garden flowers in them.  Very clever & amazingly cheap table centers! It was so DIY! My obsession was born. So in a last year I have collected dolmio sauce  jars, ketchup jars, nesscaffe jars and loads more. I store everything in them. In some  I just store sugar and pasta, in others I have my sewing bits & pieces  while others are just serve the decorative purpuse…

Here is a little tour of my collected jars:




in some I keep my make-up






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Paint it yourself – Ceramic Skulls

Last spring I stumbled on this cool coffee shop in Greenwich.  What makes this place cool is that they offer paint your own ceramic parties! It is a popular place for a hen night & kids parties… I went there for a quick cuppa and bought two of their ceramics skulls (for him&her). As I was in an artist rush to paint them myself I havent took any pictures of them before.  But I did find exactly the same skull picture on net. So this is what they/it look like before the paint. (without the golden tooth) 🙂


Photo credit

And this is what they look now. I went for a mexican candy look.


I used deluxe paint for wood that I bought  in Homebase a few months before to paint my tired & plain wood kitchen chairs. But more on them in another post.

What do you think?


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