Heart of jars


Guilty. I am in a bit of a craze about the glass recently. Particularly jars. I have been collecting vintage wine glasses for  years. And bottles.  But  my recent obsession is : jars. I was first introduced to glass jars when one of our brides decided to use them as decoration for her wedding. She collected quite a few, a year before her wedding and then placed some lovely garden flowers in them.  Very clever & amazingly cheap table centers! It was so DIY! My obsession was born. So in a last year I have collected dolmio sauce  jars, ketchup jars, nesscaffe jars and loads more. I store everything in them. In some  I just store sugar and pasta, in others I have my sewing bits & pieces  while others are just serve the decorative purpuse…

Here is a little tour of my collected jars:




in some I keep my make-up






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