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Where To Stay – Hotel B.O.G in Bogota, Colombia

Intro : I have been to Colombia before. Me and J. went there for our honey moon three years ago. Unfortunately having spent most of our time chilling on the beaches in Panama we only had a time for a flying visit to Cartagena. Which was amazing btw!

So when our good friends decided to get married in Cartagena we jumped at the opportunity to spend two amazing weeks in Columbia. Timing was perfect, we had no work commitments and it was also my birthday and our wedding anniversary. J. had to leave earlier so I meet up with him one day after he has already landed in Bogota .(joys of traveling on/with Croatian Passport ) Knowing it was our anniversary he treated me to the plushest hotel he could find. Now how sweet is that?

As sweet as the thought he actually mistaken the two dates all together  and we ended up spending my birthday in there and our anniversary somewhere else! But hey, this girl is not complaining and that post is about to follow this one…very soon. 🙂 This bit is actually taken from B.O.G hotel official web site and gives you a bit of info about this amazing place:



The B.O.G Hotel is designed with a unique combination of luxury textures and colors inspired by two Colombia’s greatest natural treasures, gold and emeralds. The imagination of the famous Portuguese designer “Nini Andrade” has captured their luster in shades of bronze, green, and grey in a concept that makes this hotel unlike any other-proud to proclaim its selection as the first Colombian hotel to be chosen as a Design Hotel.

According to the architect Guillermo Arias, The B.O.G is a hotel which architecture combines sophistication and rescues the distinguished elements of contemporary and universal culture. From the conception of the volume (reinterpretation of the modern movement); even its path, link the visitor to various elements rich in textures, colors and lighting. The hotel experience begins at the Lobby Lounge, continues through the rooms and reaches the ending at the terrace bar and pool overlooking from the entire capital city.


We arrived late that afternoon to what I can only describe as the most exclusive hotel I have ever been. Now don’t get me wrong, I have been anywhere in the world pretty much but/and always with my beloved backpack on my back. The staff was lovely. Big smiles and while were waiting for all the necessary forms to be filled we were offered a glass of wine in a bar next door. Being able to speak Spanish again I jumped at the opportunity and ordered some nice Malbec from Chile while chatting with the locals who worked there.

Photo credit: B.O.G Hotel

I have learned that B.O.G. hotel was inspired by Museo Del Oro or in plain English -} Gold Museum  While chatting it slipped my tongue that it is in fact my birthday tomorrow and our wedding anniversary the next day. So I asked (as you do)for the nicest room they have, if possible and got given one of the few rooms with a terrace.

Photo credit: B.O.G Hotel

The B.O.G hotel  also has a spa & gym together with very attractive roof top swimming pool. That was our first stop. Now, coming from England from 15 c to ever colder Colombia you would think that temperature would stop us. Wrong.

It did not and here is me chilling on the roof top the following day.

Then as if it couldn’t get any better I had a manager stopping me before going out and offering some free drinks for our anniversary. Very much appreciated!

Upon our return we realized that the sheets were in fact changed to a sateen cream ones and on them was a cute little note saying : Happy birthday and anniversary from B.O.G hotel! Together with some flowers and chocolates.Very sweet!

We haven’t actually had time to dine in Leo restaurant but the menu did look amazing and there was a gold aura about the place.

I guess next time it is, as we were only spending two nights there before we headed to beautiful Santa Marta on the coast but that’s another blog post to come…

I have however returned to the B.O.G hotel two weeks after as there was no way I was staying anywhere else. All I can say is: that the B.O.G hotel is one fine place and if you ever find yourself in Bogota, Colombia it would be a shame to stay anywhere else. Their service and professionalism were the top of the game.

Browse their web, as the clearly know what they’re doing.

Love Ines

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What to wear when in Colombia, Cartagena

when going out with all of my mates 🙂 ( who made it)

This is just a small part of the house where we stayed…wait for some more

It was really hot so I went for a shortest thing in my wardrobe…

and she was really pretty..

Dress: New Look

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood 

Clutch: Asos

LOL Ines

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