It’s Spring and these are the flowers I would love to have in my garden right now

It’s spring folks!  With still very freezing temperatures in England I don’t really know if you can call it a spring but to get with the program I have rounded up a few of my favorite spring plants in this blog post.

1. Snowdrops~ I have them in my garden just underneath that big annoying Conifer tree. (will talk about that later)Unfortunately they didn’t blossom in a full bloom this year. I don’t really know why? Harsh winter, perhaps? I love them as they announce the spring time is coming… and they look great in a vase too.


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2. Daffodils~ I have seen a few of them around. Have you? This winter has been long and with snow still around it’ hard to spot them but they are here. I love them and I would love to have a small patch of them under our big tree but they only last for so long…so not really sure if they would be so good for us, for such a small amount of time. We need a plant that hangs around longer. Still they look lovely.


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3. Tulips ~They look great and you get them in so many different colors and variations. I think they would look great in some colorful pots just around the garden. Unfortunately we don’t have that much space to plant them to be in their full glory. Nevertheless as I am getting more and more into my gardening I will make sure to have a few pots and bulbs up and ready for the next year. In the meantime I will admire these few lovely images I pulled of the internet.


tulips hor

Is anybody else sick of drying their clothes all over the house besides me? We need some sun asap. Fingers crossed for this snow to melt soon and my flowers start to blossom.

Have a lovely sunday, x Ines

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